MICRO Grow Tent & LED Full grow light from InDorSun

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GoHydro have put together the cheapest small way we can for you to start your Indoor grow, hobby garden or micro greens experiment.

This combo is a great start if your uncertain of committing to the larger cost of a huge tent or light over a 1m long.

The IndorSun MidNite Sun (Eclispe) 50cm long light is a great startong light. It is overpowered for the paired tent here - As it will last years, you can keep the light as you scale up your Indoor tent.

at 500mm (Far Red) - 110Watts - 0.97 Power Factor - >23 624 Lumens for > 337 μmols

The addition of the "Far Red"switch makes this a fantastic entry light - with its versitility as a vegetative AND/OR a full spectrum grow LED catering to the flowering stages as well.

InDorSun Lights ONLY include the special Offering of a 50 000 hour / 5 year warranty, and IP 44 Standard safety certification on all products. 5 YEAR / 50 000 hours WARRANTY, from a South African Manufacturer!

Including the Tiny, Discreet, Private and Personal - LightHouse clone tent.

But most important

Product Specifications:

  • Extraction is via two 100 mm (4”) socks and a passive air vent fitted with fine (anti-mite) mesh
  • Comes with an integral waterproof tray
  • Tri-Layer 210 Denier material with special LightHouse UltraLux reflective liner
  • Quality Tivax double lined zips that are easy to use and offers good light proofing with no snagging
  • Main frame made from 16 mm steel pole with nylon corners

Size: 700 mm x 500 mm x 900 mm (when on long edge as propagation tent).

At 70cm * 50cm * 90cm - it is small and thus very discreet, for anyone looking to give the new gardening trend a dabble at a reasonable price. Perfect for the casual/Once in awhile grower. 

A fun challenge for a short stump Auto-Flowering "CBD" Plant.

Get Started today at a great price!

With quality items built to last!