PLANT!T Round DirtPot

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The PLANT!T Dirt Pot offers value and versatility to all gardening enthusiasts.

Whilst many would think that the humble gardening pot would not have evolved much over the years, the team at PLANT!T have managed to push the boundaries of innovation with their range of PLANT!T Dirt Pots.

Made from porous breathable fabric, Dirt Pots allow your plants to thrive, promote exceptional root health and vigorous plant growth. The roots will be Air-pruned once they reach the edges of the Dirt pot for a dense and fibrous radial root system. Root circling is also prevented around the sides of the pot due to the breathable fabric.

Reduces the time it takes to develop a thick root system, speeding up veg times and allowing you to enjoy more harvest per year when used in a controlled environment such as a grow tent. Take your micro-grows and garden hobbies to the next level.

The Dirt Pots will helps to create a root-system that is not possible in conventional pots and delivers healthier plants and bigger yields!

The soft-sided construction allows the planter to conform to your terrain, making them the perfect choice for all growing areas. A Perfect match for the tight confines of any growing tent, and easily moved around.

The planters have reinforced seams and strength-tested fabric, so they will not tear when supporting even the heaviest crop, nor rip when re-positioned if the change to the flowering cycle requires repositioning under the correct grow light

And a consideration for those not growing in a controlled environment, is that the breathable fabric means superior drainage and aeration, leading to better management of the plant temperatures keeping plants cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Available in 11L, 17L, 26L, 37L and 56L.