Value Grow - Grow Tent 1.2m X 1.2m X 2m

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In Summary:

-Non-Brand name, Allows for us to supply a cheaper entry point for getting your first grow tent.

-Size, 120cm * 120cm foot print allowing 12 Auto-flower plants in 30cm^2 each.

-Light Proofing, 100% light proof materials, prevents light pollution into your private space, as well as protects the plants inside from being affected by outside light sources.

-Reflective inner, highly-reflective silver aluminium foil, increases the effectiveness of your chosen light source.

Full Description;

The Value Grow Tent provides an indoor growing environment for the grower who needs no frills.

A Grow Tent is a self contained growing environment used for indoor growing and hydroponics. Setting up your grow room does not get any easier then this. The insides of the grow tent are manufactured from 100% light proof material meaning you won’t have to worry about loss of light energy.

The inside of the tent is lined with high-reflective silver aluminium foil to ensure your plants get the most out of each grow light used. Each tent is made out of lightweight material so the tents are are easy to pack and move around at your convenience. This product comes with instructions making it easy to assemble.

This material is more light proof and less prone to rips and tears, making it very durable. No tools required to set this tent up, making it convenient and easy. Items included with this purchase:

Easy Clip-on Steel frames and corner pieces to put tent together 1.2m X 1.2m X 2m Tent Floor cover Portable handy bag Metal hangers Technical specifications Size (L x W x H) 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m Frame: 16mm Metal poles Inside Material: High-Reflective silver aluminium foil Mid-Side: PEVA Material for non-toxic Outside Material: Oxford Mylar (210D)