Vitalink 100% Coir

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  • Great peat alternative for the environmentally friendly grower
  • Contains chelates and fulvic and humic acids to aid nutrient uptake and transport
  • Holds more feed, so you get faster results

VitaLink 100% Coir is a buffered coco coir substrate which contains fulvic and humic acids. These act as chelating agents and enable better nutrient uptake and transport within the plants. This maximises the availability of nutrients and additives during rooting, growth, and flowering.

VitaLink 100% Coir is free of bacteria and most fungal spores, and is sustainably produced without the environmental damage that results from peat mining.

VitaLink 100% Coir is a coarse grade and thanks to this it maintains its structure. It is supplied with a lower moisture content than competitors’ products, so the bag is light when being transported. When wetting up with nutrient solution prior to transplanting, it can hold a large volume of solution. This ability to store larger amounts of nutrients leads to improved growth and performance of your plants.

VitaLink 100% Coir is ideal for drip irrigation and passive hydroponic systems.It is also a great substrate when hand-watered, either on its own or used as a potting mix.

For the best results use in conjunction with either VitaLink Coir MAX or VitaLink Coir Classic nutrients.

EC < 0.5 mS/cm²
pH 5.5-7.0

VitaLink 100% Coir is available in 50L bags.