Atami High Porosity Cocos

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Atami High Porosity Cocos Substrate is washed buffered and lightly fertilised coco & perlite mix for the healthy development of roots and plants in most types of growing systems.


Roots need to breathe, and this depends on the airiness of your substrate. In high porosity coco, roots can expand, which results in the production of higher yields.


High Porosity Cocos combines the properties of ATAMI’s high-quality Cocos Substrate with perlite for increased drainage & substrate airiness in the medium. Coco of Atami Nutrients is known to be very clean, of the highest quality, low in detrimental salts, and also contains balanced fertilisation. Carefully, the coco is ripened, washed, buffered and lightly fertilised to ensure amazing substrate results.


Perlite is a volcanic rock that forms during volcanic eruptions. It is treated at high temperatures to encourage it to expand quickly into its final form. You can compare it to popcorn with water trapped inside. When we heat a corn grain, it pops into an airy treat. The same can happen to perlite, which pops into a porous structure of about twenty times its original size that we use as a growing medium. Mixing this perlite through your substrate ensures that airiness of your substrate increases dramatically and help a lot with drainage too.

The addition of perlite to the coco, ensure that the product reaches air-percentage of about 30%, which allows for continuous air around the root zone and in a medium. This way, the metabolic process is dramatically enhanced, which can lead to faster development and growth and extraordinary yields during flowering.

Availability & accessibility of air is essential for the development of healthy roots and prevents root rot. Plants require oxygen to ‘burn’ sugars and to exchange sugars for energy. With the use of this energy, the root system can expand and develop further to its full potential.

  • Airy porous structure
  • Excellent water management, retention and drainage as the growing medium.
  • Optimal root development and high production of root hairs.
  • High-quality coco and perlite


Produced in The Netherlands I RHP Certified for horticulture.



Coconut fibres, mineral lime, calcium nitrate and NPK fertiliser 11-27-8




pH (H2O)


EC (1: 1.5 H2O VV)

1.5 mS / cm

Organic Matter

> 45%


17.9 kg


60cm x 40cm x 15mm

Moisture Content

< 80%

Air Content (PF1)



60cm x 40cm x 15mm