Atami Hydro Rokz Cocos 60/40% Mix

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Cultivation on a coco substrate and hydroponic growing are popular cultivation methods. Every grower has his own preference and every substrate has its own characteristics. Atami Hydro Rokz Cocos 60-40 Growing Medium combines the best of both worlds with its well-balanced blend of clay pebbles and top quality coco peat.


Hydro Rokz Cocos 60-40 offers many benefits of growing hydroponically. The clay pebbles provide excellent drainage as they retain nearly no water. This decreases the risk of over-watering. When the water is drained, fresh air enters the root zone and gives this substrate a high air ratio, for optimal root development!


Adding coco increases the water retention of the substrate. Coco offers a buffer between watering times, as it makes sure moisture levels near the roots stay stable. And, it holds on to some nutrients as well!



Lightweight Expanded Clay and Coco Fibres


Water Addition

Manually: daily in combination with enriched irrigation water

Automatically: 1 to 8 times a day in combination with enriched irrigation water

Dosage Guideline: Use 1 to 5 litres of nutrient solution per m² per day for mature plants. Atami advises keeping your plants well monitored during the growth process to see whether they thrive or not and to adjust accordingly.



  • A balanced blend of clay pebbles and top quality coco peat
  • Clay pebbles provide excellent drainage
  • Coco Coir helps retaining water
  • Optimal root development




pH (H2O)

6.0 (+/- 0.5)

EC (1: 1.5 H2O VV)

< 0.5 mS/cm

Organic Matter

+/- 15% (From dry content)


17.5 kg


60cm x 40cm x 15mm

Moisture Content

< 45%


45 liters (EN12580)

Water Capacity (PF1)

12.0 g / g (+ / - 1)

Air Content (PF1)