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Meticulously crafted to optimize carbon dioxide delivery for indoor gardening. This regulator is designed to provide precise CO2 monitoring and adjustment, ensuring optimal plant growth in indoor environments.

Key Features:

- High-precision gauge: Equipped with a 40mm high-pressure gauge (0-4000psi) for accurate CO2 monitoring.

- Integrated flowmeter: Features an integrated flowmeter (0-15 scfh) for precise CO2 adjustment.

- Seamless installation: Convenient CGA-320 inlet connection and hose tail for 4.2mm hoses ensure secure and leak-free connectivity.

- Solenoid valve: Complete with a solenoid valve for effortless operation and precise CO2 control.

- European standard plug: Comes with a European standard plug for easy compatibility with existing setups.


- Indoor gardening: Essential for indoor gardening enthusiasts to regulate CO2 levels for optimal plant growth and yield.

- Greenhouses: Ideal for use in greenhouses to maintain consistent CO2 levels, promoting healthy plant development.

- Hydroponics: Crucial for hydroponic systems where CO2 regulation is necessary to maximize nutrient uptake and growth.

- Cannabis cultivation: Vital for cannabis growers to optimize CO2 delivery, enhancing cannabinoid production and yield.

- Any indoor growing space: Whether it's herbs, vegetables, or flowers, our CO2 Regulator 220v ensures unparalleled precision and reliability in CO2 regulation, essential for cultivating thriving indoor gardens.