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It was the first liquid rooting compound that contained
both rooting hormones NAA and IBA that was approved by
the EPA (American Environmental Protection Agency) and
not toxic to humans which gives it a great advantage over
other rooting agents.
The product has been well tested in America by universities
and large propagating nurseries, which have given
excellent results. Oregon Nursery has stated that without
Dip ’n Grow® their annual loss of cuttings will range from
18-30% of the number taken. It is labour saving and the
convenience of Dip ’n Grow® saves time and effort in that
many strengths of hormones can be obtained from one
It is also self-sanitising … no danger of contaminated
solutions as it contains both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal
30ml of Dip ’n Grow® will make 1500 cuttings which makes
it a very economical rooting compound. Dip ’n Grow® at
a dilution rate of 1-20 can also be used for blossom drop
which gives them longer life on the plant.

For use on ornamentals only.
Mix only for immediate use. For best results once diluted, Dip ’n Grow® should be used within 10 hours.
Read and follow the directions for use and precautionary statements printed on the 2 ounce bottle or 0.2 ounce packet.
Applicators and other handlers must wear: long-sleeved shirt and long pants, chemical resistant gloves, such as barrier laminate, butyl rubber, nitrile rubber, neoprene rubber, polyvinyl chloride, or viton, and shoes plus socks.