Essentials PH Meter - With Memory Function

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The Essentials pH Meter is a highly accurate, professional meter. Easy to use, water resistant, tough and reliable for a minimum of 365 tests. The Essentials pH pen is the perfect choice for easy, quick pH testing. Complete with sturdy case for storage and protection, batteries and a sachet of buffer 7 for easy calibration the Essentials pH meter is the perfect choice for precise pH testing, simply dip the probe into the solution, stir and allow around 20 seconds for the meter to deliver a reading. This will be indicated by a beep.

All pH meters are temperature sensitive. A benefit of the ESSENTIALS pH meter is that it has Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC), which corrects the reading with respect to temperature. On meters without ATC, the pH should be checked at the same time of day each time in order to minimise any temperature related fluctuations.