GIB Lighting FS630 LED

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This top of the range LED fixture was developed where things are developed best. Berlin Germany. Its been optimized for best performance and the high-quality OSRAM OSLON® & SAN’AN 2835 full spectrum LED chips offer a performance of 1575 µmol / s with an excellent efficiency of 2.5 µmol / J.

The GIB FS630 is suitable for the entire life cycle of the plants and can ideally illuminate a space of 2x2m in the vegetative phase and 1.5×1.5m in the flowering phase. Due to the passive cooling without a fan, the FS630 works completely silently and is less prone to technical problems. The service life is specified as at least 50,000 hours, so nothing stands in the way of long-term high yields from now on!

Technical Specifications:

LED Chips – OSRAM OSLON® & SAN’AN 2835
PPF: 1575 μmol / s
Efficiency: 2.5 μmol / J
Beam angle: 120 °
Veg Coverage: 2m x 2m
Bloom Coverage: 1.5m x 1.5m
Service life: (hours)> 50,000
Power: 630 W
Input voltage: 100-277 V
Dimmable: Yes
Smart controllable: Yes (not included)
Frequency: 50/60
Max. Input current: 6.2A
Power factor: 0.9
Driver efficiency: > 90%
IP: 54
Ambient temperature: 0 ~ + 40 ° C
Warranty: 5 Year Limited
Weight: 17.3 kg
Dimensions: 1087 x 1206 x 112 mm