Humidity Controller DHC 1000 + Probe

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Comes with a humidity probe.

Switch the modes between humidification and dehumidification; controls humidity by setting a value and the difference value, the hysterisis or window. Output delay protection; calibrate the humidity value; alarm when sensor or humidity exceeds the limit; proportional running time and stop time are adjustable when sensor error, keypad lock function.

Please click on INSTRUCTIONS (in blue below) to view the programming manual.

We are happy to help you though in case you get stuck but it's easier than it looks. :)


  • Control range: 10~99%RH

  • Measuring range:0~99%RH

  • Working environment: 0°C~60°C

  • Front panel protection level: IP54

  • Humidity hysterisis: adjustable between 1 - 50%RH

  • Resolution: 1%RH

  • Accuracy: 5%RH

  • Connecting line length: 1.5m

  • Display: LCD display, celsius

  • Style: internal,non-waterproof

  • Working voltage: AC220V ±10% 50Hz

  • Output load: 10A/250VAC which equals 2500w, DON'T OVERLOAD.

  • Power consumption: less than 3W

  • Hole size: 71x29mm


  • 1 x Controller

  • 1 x Sensor

  • 1 x Manual