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InDorSun's Comet Series is their market entry LED grow lights from our favourite South African manufacturer. 

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR BUYERS - Vegetative and Flowering requirements

InDorSun build their product range to address the diverse needs of South African growers. This is seen in the products being split into two distinct offerings based on the need for the "Far Red (At 730nm)" spectrum, or not. The split is for a grower designating a space vegetative Stage (Usually a larger growing set-up, with a separate light switched in later or movement to a second space for flowering) a grower looking to grow under the same light from start to finish, by including the "Full Spectrum/Far Red (At 730nm)" option on their lights.

Before proceeding please make sure you are getting the light that best meets your needs!

The Comet Series - Including Far Red is our lowest priced "Full Spectrum" LED from InDorSun, Low wattage, small form make this a great choice for the beginner, or any grower utilizing a smaller grow area. 

The Comet Series Including Far Red Range has a standard width and height of 77mm and 80mm  through the 6 options, with differing lengths on offer. All the Comet series have an incredible power factor exceeding 0.94

The options in this Far Red range have 6 length variations and differing wattage's as below;

 500mm - 46 Watts - > 6600 Lumens - > 94 μmols

1000mm - 90 Watts - > 13200 Lumens - > 188 μmols

2000mm - 180 Watts - > 26400 Lumens - > 377 μmols

Offering a 50 000 hour / 5 year warranty, and IP 44 Standard safety certification on all products.

5 YEAR / 50 000 hours WARRANTY, from a South African Manufacturer!