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InDorSun's Nova Series is made up of 4 Monster LED lighting options.

local manufacturer, InDorSun's, present 4 Lights for the larger growing project, unleashing up to 840w. The range includes light catering to both Vegetative and the Full growers cycle needing the Far Red spectrum.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR BUYERS - Vegetative and Flowering requirements

InDorSun build their product range to address the diverse needs of South African growers. This is seen in the products being split into two distinct offerings based on the need for the "Far Red (At 730nm)" spectrum, or not. The split is for a grower designating a space vegetative Stage (Usually a larger growing set-up, with a separate light switched in later or movement to a second space for flowering) a grower looking to grow under the same light from start to finish, by including the "Full Spectrum/Far Red (At 730nm)" option on their lights.

Before proceeding please make sure you are getting the light that best meets your needs!

4 Options exist in the Nova range as;

Nova 340w - Vegetative only, 47 248 Lumens, 675 μmols

Nova 420w - Including Far Red, 47 248 Lumens, 675 μmols

Also available in the same form and size, but with an increased Wattage are,

Nova 680w - Vegetative only, > 47 248 Lumens, > 675 μmols 

Nova 840w - Including Far Red, > 47 248 Lumens, > 675 μmols

Dimensions are expected at, 1015mm Length with a width of 500mm whilst being 120mm in height. may vary on higher Wattage option slightly

These fixture must be placed further away from the canopy, than the other InDorSun Series of LEDs, which allows for a bigger canopy coverage, at the cost of only being suitable for extremely tall and large tents.

At the upper end of the Nova Series Wattage options it would also be advised to consider the introduction of a CO2 controlling device to maintatin the ideal growing conditions.

Offering a 50 000 hour / 5 year warranty, and IP 44 Standard safety certification on all products. 5 YEAR / 50 000 hours WARRANTY, from a South African Manufacturer!