Inline Duct Extraction Fan with Temperature Humidity Controller

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Introducing an intelligent inline duct fan crafted to provide hushed ventilation for hydroponic cultivation spaces, enhance room climate control, promote circulation, expel air from projects, and maintain optimal conditions in AV closets. Boasting an inline mixed-flow configuration, this duct fan excels in sustaining airflow, even when confronted with high static pressure demands. Engineered with an EC-motor featuring PWM control, it guarantees a noiseless and energy-frugal operation. Accompanied by a smart controller furnished with dynamic climate and time-programming capabilities, it seamlessly links with additional fans for extended utility. The Digital Temperature Humidity Controller included ensures effortless operation, enabling you to effortlessly regulate your environment's temperature and humidity.

This system presents 4 distinct modes, adaptable to specific requirements:

  1. Continuous Operation (ON Mode): The fan operates continuously, disregarding temperature and humidity parameters.

  2. Standby (OFF Mode): The fan remains inactive, regardless of temperature and humidity levels.

  3. Temperature/Humidity-Driven Activation (AUTO Mode): You can set the high temp trigger below the low temp trigger to create a range where the fan is active. Or, you can set the low temp trigger below the high temp trigger and then the fan will run when the temp is higher than the set high temp or lower than the set low temp. Humidity function is the same.

  4. Timer-Based Mode (TIMER Mode): Initiate the fan in ON mode with a predetermined timer. Once the timer expires, the fan comes to a halt.

Moreover, the system includes an alarm system, adding to its comprehensive functionality.