LUMii BLACK 5-Way Contactor Timer (RSA Plug)

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The LUMii BLACK contactor timer is a simple and cost-effective solution for grow light scheduling, ensuring that plants get the optimum levels of lighting throughout the day. The mechanical timer is easy to programme in 15-minute increments, while the relay switch safely turns on HID lights without causing a power surge or overloading the timer.

The lightweight, flexible power bars take up to 13 Amps each (available in 4-way and 8-way), for maximum efficiency we recommend running no more than:

3 x 600 W per 4-socket power bar

4 x 400 W per 4-socket power bar

4 x 315 W per 4-socket power bar

To set up, simply push the timer pins down to indicate “ON” periods, centrally position the ON/OFF switch onto “timer” mode, plug in ballasts to the 4-socket power bars and plug the contactor timer plug into a 13 Amp mains supply socket.