Multi Dome Self Watering Green House

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The Multidome is a unique eco-garden and irrigation system which allows anyone to set up and grow a food source of their choice. It also makes agriculture a potentially lucrative source of income for many lower-income households. The Multidome can also be customized for aqua and perma use and can be tailored to the specific needs of clients.

We believe the Multidome system can assist everyone by making produce growth ideal an affordable and practical reality.

The MultiDome is Easy-to-assemble, sturdy, with rugged design as per ISO standards and a 10-year warranty on sun damage.

It is versatile and works under any weather condition. Suitable for wind, rain, storms, very hot and dry conditions. Fits well with the aesthetic of roof gardens, urban gardens, and other architectural styles and landscapes.

The prize-winning water-saving system saves 50% water by preventing rapid evaporation. Water usage can be focused by using overhead wetting and ground-level drip irrigation. The MultiDome grows vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, earthworms, poultry, cut flowers and edible snails.

It eliminates the need for excessive use of harmful pesticides and fertilizers and reduces risk factors such as pests, birds, insects, larger animals, hail, frost, sun, wind, and drought.