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OrganikSOL™ Biological Plant Nutrient is a colloidal liquid
suspension manufactured from sterilised ovine blood and bone
containing proteins & carbohydrates with a balanced N:P:K ratio of

The organic materials:
Feeds & nurtures the microbial environment in the soil, increasing cycling,
bacterial & fungal activity & earthworm counts.
Improves soil structure & increases the availability of important nutrients, trace
elements & minerals for crops.
OrganikSol™ Biological Plant Nutrient uses modern technology to process one of the
most highly regarded organic materials, ovine blood and bone, into a smooth liquid
colloidal suspension. As a result of this unique manufacturing process, OrganikSOL™
contains all the nutrients required for healthy growth in a plant available form, as well as
nurturing and feeding your soil microbiology.

OrganikSOL™ promotes hardy & compact growth habit,
stimulates photosynthesis & nutrient uptake, resulting in plants
growing & producing to their full genetic potential.

Dilute in water, as per directions and water your plants as per instructions.