PowerPlant Controller

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The PowerPlant Controller is designed to make controlling your grow-lighting easy – even on a large scale.  Combining the power of a timer and a temperature-sensitive failsafe, you can easily programme and adjust a day/night lighting schedule, and protect your plants from heat stress by programming a temperature at which the lights will safely turn off.  The Controller will control up to 100 ballasts running simultaneously.

Allows growers to control up to 100 ballasts at once

Programmable to control a day/night lighting cycle

Simulates a period of ‘sunrise’ and ‘sunset’ to protect plants from sudden light and temperature change

Temperature sensitive auto-dim and emergency shutdown settings to protect plants from high temperatures

Thermostat and temperature sensor included

Tech Specs

Input                           15 V DC

Output Signal            11.5 V DC max.

Power                          1.2 W

IP                                   22