Pro-Leaf CO2 Controller

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The Pro-Leaf CO2 Controller (PPM-B1) is a digital CO2 controller that provides simple and precise control of a 220/240-volt CO2-generating device, such as CO2 Canisters with CO2 Regulators or Burners that use LP gas to generate CO2.

There is great benefit to supplementing with CO2 when growing – as plants use the carbon gleaned from CO2 in the air to literally build themselves! ( Read more HERE ) Using the Pro-leaf CO2 Controller to utilize the most out of your supplemented CO2.

This controller has adjustable set points ranging from 400-2000 parts per million with an accuracy of +/-100 PPM and an adjustable deadband. A deadband can be compared to a sensitivity setting, where the device will stay OFF until the variance between the desired CO2 level and the actual CO2 level exceeds the deadband value.

A remote sensor, with 4.5m cable, accurately monitors you grow space’s PPM levels and relays this information to the controller for display in real-time. An integrated photocell automatically disables the unit during the plants’ night cycle, when the grow-lights are off, as plants do not take up CO2 during their night cycle.

  • A plug-and-play solution that monitors CO2 concentrations in your grow room.
  • Automatically releases CO2 when needed in order to achieve optimal levels.
  • Helps to maximize photosynthesis rates, for faster growth and bigger yields.
  • Allows you to choose settings between 400ppm and 2000ppm.
  • Very easy to program, with a clear display.
  • Comes with a built-in photocell to check for dark periods.
  • Doesn’t waste CO2 – only doses when necessary.
  • Supplied with parts needed to mount the controller to a wall and also to hang the sensor.
  • Teams up nicely with Autopilot CO2 Generators or the Dimlux CO2 Regulator.
  • Also features a CO2 DOWN mode, if used to expel excess CO2 buildup.
  • PLEASE NOTE: This unit comes with male and female earthed 2-pin plugs, so plug adaptors will be required for operation. ( Not included )
  • Max Current: 10 amps.
  • Sensor Cord Length: 4.5m
  • Control Range: 400ppm to 2000ppm.
  • CO2 Accuracy: 100ppm.
  • Weight: 1kg

How to Use the Pro-Leaf CO2 Controller PPM-B1

  • Press the PPM knob (on the left) and select your PPM setpoint.
  • Press the ‘Deadband’ knob (on the right) and select your deadband level. This set by how much the PPM will deviate from the setpoint before the unit turns back on. The smaller the deadband, the quicker the unit will respond.
  • Choose a ‘control mode’ setting using the switch on the bottom right-hand side. ‘PPM Up’ is used when you are increasing CO2 levels with a gas powered generator. ‘Fuzzy Logic’ should be selected if you want to use a CO2 bottle and regulator. ‘PPM Down’ is used when regulating fans, so that they kick in when CO2 levels get too high. This option will rarely be used in most grow rooms, because the priority will be increasing CO2 levels.
  • There’s a ‘Max / Min’ feature that will tell you what the maximum and minimum PPM levels while you were away. All you need to do is click both buttons simultaneously.
  • Always keep the controller at least 2.5 meters away from any digital ballasts.
  • The Pro-Leaf cannot be used alongside a sulfur vaporizer. If you do wish to use a sulfur vaporizer, ensure that you remove the sensor from the affected area first.
  • The unit also has a calibration mode to calibrate against fresh outside air if needed.