Rosin Press Machine KP-4 (4 tons)

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This heat press machine KP-4 is a well-made Press Machine for rosin, pure wax/concentrate. It has small size and high tension. With dual heating plates, it will be very easier to press oil. You just need to wrap the flower body with baking paper and put it in the middle of the heating plate. Press the handle several times to squeeze the upper and lower heating plates into place and stop for 30s and then wait for wax/concentrate. The Heat Press Plate KP-4 can also provide a temperature control function. The heating tube will automatically heat to the set temperature.

Tech Parameter:

  1. Product Size: 192mm x 145mm x 370mm
  2. Dual Heated Plates:101.6mm x 101.6mm(4″x4″)
  3. Dual Heated Material: aviation aluminum alloy + silver oxide
  4. N.W.: 10.5kg, G.W: 12kg
  5. Voltage: 90V~260V
  6. Power: 300W-800W(The power varies with the voltage, the voltage is 110V and the power is 300W, and the voltage is 220V and the power is 700W.)
  7. Time Range: 0s-999s
  8. Temperature Range: 0-150°C (0-302°F)
  9. Colour:Black / Red / Purple / Yellow / Green
  10. RoHs, FCC, CE Certificated.



  1. Lightweight manual rosin heat press 4 tons, using a hand crank, best suited for personal home use.
  2. Dual heating plates, seperate temp control, perform more precisely.
  3. 4″x4″inch press plates, make the press apply more evenly.


【PARAMETER】Power: 220V 700W, Product Size: 192mm*145mm*370mm, Heat Plates Size: 101.6mm*101.6mm(4″x4″). Portable 10.5kg lightweight manual heat press machine, using a hand crank, best suited for personal home use.

【DOUBLE HEATING PLATES HEATING】Dual heating insulated solid aluminum plates, temperature controls located at the front of the press, and with convenient carrying handles.

【4T HIGH PRESSURE】With Adjustable Maximum Pressure / Pressing Force Up To 4 TONS, easy for extracting pure wax/concentrate.

【ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE】The Temperature Range: 0-150°C (0-302°F), dual heating plates, separate temp control, perform more precisely.

【Voice Play & Individual Timer】KP-4 comes with a Voice Play Function, voice will play during adjusting the temperature; And the machine comes with an individual timer, you can set a time during heating to control the heating time precisely.